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Piney Estate Agents aim to make finding your new home an easy and simple process.

Let us know your requirements and we will try our best to meet this. We do not charge an application fee.

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You can find a list of available properties on our website, PropertyPal.com.

Try and narrow down your list of options by specifying - Number of Bedrooms, Price, Location, heating, etc.

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Once your appointment has been made, don't forget to confirm at least one hour before the viewing.

Failure to do so, may result in the appointment being cancelled and offered to someone else.

Depending on what was agreed…

…meet at the property or in Piney and a member of staff will accompany you on the viewing.

Make sure you are punctual because our staff have other duties to attend that day and are on a tight schedule.

Our office is located at:

42 Stranmillis Road, Belfast, BT9 5AA

Any Queries?

If you have any further questions or want to secure the property please call into Piney Estate Agents and complete a property application form.

These are available directly from our office or by downloading from our website.


Background Checks

Once the application forms are completed. We will carry out background checks through:

  • Bank statements
  • Working references
  • Previous landlord references
  • Guarantors

…depending on the type of property rental.

When is the rent due?

The rent is payable in advance per calendar month.

If the property is fully managed, you will be provided with your property manager's details. We will be on hand to help you with any issues in relation to the property throughout the duration of your tenancy.

For professionals useful documents to have are the following:

  • ID in the form of a passport. Additional identification is also helpful such as Driving Licence
  • Previous Landlord References
  • Working Reference or letter of future employment contract
  • 3 month's pay slips

For Students useful documents to have are the following:

  • ID in the form of a passport and student card. Additional identification is also helpful such as Driving Licence
  • Proof of Study in the form on an enrolment letter from your University
  • Previous Landlord References
  • Guarantor for each tenant in place and professional Witness (please see Guarantor attachment)
  • ID for all Guarantors

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there viewings taking place in my property?

The property is being advertised to let. Please contact your landlord/agent if you wish to renew your contract for an agreed fixed term.

How will Piney contact me?

We usually use an automated text service contacting all those on the tenancy agreement. If the matter is urgent, we will first ring the lead tenant.

When are viewings scheduled for?

Normally between 11:00am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Will I always be notified of viewings?

Yes at least 24 hour's notice will be provided. If a particular viewing does not suit you please contact Piney Estate Agents urgently and we will aim to reschedule the viewing.

What is a deposit and where does it go?

A tenancy deposit offers the landlord security against damages over and above fair wear and tear or financial loss from unpaid rent. All Landlords and Estate Agents are required by law to register and protect your deposit with a government approved scheme.

If we manage your property, the deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDSNI). For non-management properties you must contact your landlord for further information in regards to this.

What is a tenancy agreement?

A legal contract between you and your landlord which stipulates the rules which both parties agree to comply with. Our contracts are joint and several which means all tenants are collectively liable for rent, damages and cleanliness of the property. Regarding outstanding rent, we only contact other tenants as a last resort once all other options have been exhausted.

What is Tenant Referencing?

Tenant referencing is an essential part of the letting process providing clarity that the tenant/tenants have good character and can meet rental payments each month thus helping us make an informed decision on who to accept.

Can a Piney Estate Agent or the landlord let themselves into the property while I am living there?

Landlords and Management Agents must give notice unless it is an emergency and access is essential.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

If Piney manages the property, please use the maintenance section on our website or email us. For non-management properties please contact your landlord directly.

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for repairs?

Usually the landlord. However if the damage is caused by the tenant and doesn't fall under normal wear and tear to the property the tenant will be responsible for this.

What is a Guarantor?

The Guarantor is liable to pay on demand to the landlord any rent arrears. They are liable for all loss and damage that exceeds the deposit. Due to the level of financial commitment required a Guarantor has to be a home owner with adequate funds and generally this is a family member.

My Guarantor is not from the UK?

Please contact our office for alternative arrangements regarding this issue.

Why do you need a copy of my guarantors ID?

To know they are a legitimate person who we can contact if necessary.

Am I liable for utility bills?

Yes in our contract the tenants are solely liable for the payment of electricity, gas or oil, telephone, internet, tv license and any other subscriptions at the property. You must contact the current supplier for the property and arrange for the billing to be addressed to a tenant. Tenants are responsible for closing and settling any outstanding payments with these companies when moving out.

My contract is coming to an end how do I prepare?

If Piney manages the property, we will issue you with a moving out checklist around a month before your tenancy expires.

We strongly recommend tenants clean their property to the standard they received it e.g. if professional cleaners were hired during the start of your tenancy we expect tenants to ensure the property is cleaned to such standard before leaving.Please also ensure any damages and meter readings at the property are reported and email them along with confirmation that all of your bills have been paid and the account has been closed. We must receive all sets of keys back from all tenants.

For all non-management properties please contact your landlord directly for instructions.

When do Piney return the deposit?

We aim to return the deposit to the lead tenant within 14 days of the tenancy expiring for our management properties.

For all non-management properties please contact your landlord directly.

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